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Yonkers Auto Window Tinting 

Best Window Tinting and Ceramic coating Servicing Westchester County

Computer cut to Perfection!

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For vehicle enthusiasts and racers, cars are like companions and best friends. To get the best performance out of your exotic vehicles, you must treat them like humans. A good-looking trendy car is a way to showcase your passion of cars collection. Some folks think that simply fueling the car will be sufficient. However, this is not enough. You must maintain your cars with the help of professional vehicle detailing shop located Yonkers, New York.


Car detailing is the comprehensive washing and reconditioning of a vehicle using specialized tools and products. The process is normally done manually to make the car look brand new. Regular visits to a reputable interior and exterior car detailing and car window tint firm can extend the life of your vehicle. It can also help to eliminate paint scratches on the vehicle's body. Full vehicle detailing improves your vehicle's appearance, increasing its resale market value. Remember that it is a long process and must be done with proper care and accuracy. So always choose reliable and expert Window tinting and Auto detail service in Yonkers, New York. Appointment only.

We are a team of experienced automobile professionals with customer service in mind. We have been working on Auto window tinting and vehicle detailing services for many years in New York. We offer a full range of services from window tinting, auto detailing, ceramic coating, and paint protection film. We only hire well-trained and educated workers. You don't have to worry about service accuracy and the car's safety. Now let's look at our full car detailing and window tinting services that we offer: 

Buffing a Car
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We provide computer-cutting tint films. These films are perfectly cut according to your window size. We use top-quality window tint films to make your car look awesome for a comparatively longer time.


Your car's appearance says a lot. After a muddy race or offroad trip, bring your car to our shop, and we will make it as clean as the day it was purchased. With the help of European-style steam machine technology and pressure wash, we clean your car's exterior and make it shine. 


Get the self-healing PPF/Clear Bra Paint Protection film to protect your car's exterior. Apply this protection film to the painted areas and protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions.

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We also offer ceramic coating to your car that protects the surface of your vehicle. Nano-coating protects the car from most scrapes, dirt, and chemical impurities. Ceramic coating has no negative effects on the original paint.

exotic car
Our srevices

Yonkers Auto Window Tinting is your one-stop shop for all car you luxury car needs. We offer everything from Window Tinting to car detailing. We are a client-focused shop that prioritize customers' requirements over profit. We are well-known throughout Westchester County for our precise and timely services. We operate by appointment only, Call us today and secure your spot.

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