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Ceramic  coating

           Paint Protection

Best Ceramic Coating Protection We Come To You.

Ceramic coatings are the biggest thing to hit the automotive detailing industry since clear coats, It completely change the way we look at automotive paint. The effectiveness of this new tech is mind-boggling,

1. Total Chemical Resistance

Acidic bird droppings eat through the clear coat and destroy the paint underneath, leaving your car’s body vulnerable to corrosion.

Birds aren’t the only things that leave chemical waste on your vehicle; tree sap, industrial fallout, and acid rain are all common enemies of your car’s paint. Fortunately, ceramic coatings are 100%.

2. Dirt Repellent and Hydrophobic

Ceramic coatings are insanely hydrophobic, meaning that they repel water instantly. Water will fall off your car like it doesn’t want to be there, and won’t get to leave any dirt residue behind, the way it does on an untreated vehicle. You still need to wash your car here and there, but the process will be amazingly fast, easy, and effective.

3. Durability

Waxes and sealants require constant reapplication as part of your regular, at-home maintenance. This is because day-to-day life quickly removes the protective layer from your paint. Ceramic coatings, however, are orders of magnitude more durable. Once a ceramic coating is applied to your vehicle, it will stay there for years to come.

4. Protection against UV Radiation and High Temperatures

Anyone with a black car knows what it’s like to burn your hand on the hood on a hot summer’s day. Don’t worry, ceramic coatings are able to resist temperatures up to 760 degrees Celsius.

Ceramic coatings also filter 100% of UVA and UVB solar radiation. Your entire paint job will be protected from fading by a single application of ceramic coatings. If you park your vehicle outside, this is a huge advantage.

5. Rust and Oxidation

These days, we mostly think of car paint as the most important part of your car’s aesthetics. Many of us forget that the primary purpose of car paint is to protect your car’s body from rust and corrosion. Because ceramic coatings protect your paint, they are the most effective measure you can take to protect your vehicle from rust and corrosion.

6. Gloss and Luster

It’s a lot about the looks.The only way to keep your vehicle showroom fresh is by using ceramic coatings. Ever application of ceramic coatings start with a full-blown paint correction, ensuring that the ceramic coating is sued to preserve perfection.

We offer several level of Ceramic coating. To help protect your cars paint and maintain a showroom look


1 Year Ceramic Coating               Cost $$

3 Year Ceramic Coating               Cost $$$

5 Year Ceramic Coating               Cost $$$$


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