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Most Reliable Exterior Car Cleaning Services In The Bronx, NY

Automobile detailing is a time-consuming, laborious, and frustrating task. However, once you know how to do it correctly, you'll enjoy detailing your automobile every time. Furthermore, displaying that clean and gleaming exterior will make all that work and effort worthwhile.


There are numerous advantages to detailing a car's exterior. However, people frequently forget that exterior car detailing also maintains the vehicle's resale value by eliminating years' worth of scratches, damage, and general wear and tear from the exterior. Sure, it protects the paint and enhances the aesthetic of the automobile.


Exterior Finishing: More Than Just Washing And Cleaning! 


Car exterior detailing is a time-consuming, patient, and labour-intensive operation. It consists of multiple processes, beginning with prepping and steam washing the vehicle to prepare it for details. Next, the paint treatment begins, including clay barring and waxing the outside body panels. After that, give special attention to the wheels, tyres, and door jambs sometimes overlooked during routine cleaning. 


Where Should You Go for Car Exterior Detailing?

Many auto detail companies boast of providing the best exterior car detailing services in the Bronx, New York. But you just need to choose the best. At Bronx Window Tints and Auto Detail we are happy to handle your vehicle's exterior detailing requirements. We are one of the top-rated auto detailing firms on the west coast, so you can relax knowing that your vehicle is being cared for by highly trained technicians who use only the best materials.


Our external automobile detailing services include the following:

Tire & Rim Steam wash & Detailed: Our tire and rim cleaning services are comprehensive, and the products we use are high-quality, giving your vehicle that extra clean appearance.


Caring for the exterior plastics: We start by washing the plastic to get rid of any loose dirt and road filth. Next, we apply liberally spray the plastic with an all-purpose cleanser to eliminates any leftover oils that will prevent the colour from sticking. Then, uses a firm bristle brush, and scrape the plastic.


Free bacteria, virus, and germ disinfecting: It is our most important step is to apply disinfectants to remove and kill bacteria, viruses and all germs in your car.

High-Pressure Wash: We employ high-pressure washing to easily remove mud and debris from the upper and lower surfaces and items of the car.


Clay Bar Treatment: Our clay bar treatment is constructed of a resin that is specifically developed to remove hazardous particles and grime from the paint of a car. Essentially, the clay bar removes the residue that a wash leaves behind.


Apply for High-Quality Butter Wax Protection: We also provide high-quality butter wet wax, which melts into the paint like butter and allows for easy on/off application, giving you the darkest, wettest effect possible in minutes.

Benefits Of Our Exterior detailing services:

Prevent Future Rust


Sunlight, dust, bird droppings, tree sap, and other environmental variables will naturally deteriorate the exterior of your vehicle. However, with exterior detailing services, you may avoid early corrosion by keeping your vehicle's protective layers in good condition.


Keep The Paint Job

The paint on your vehicle will fade over time, whether from insects, rock chips, or UV rays. Therefore, investing in exterior detailing services from professional vehicle detailers is critical. Exterior detailing improves the protective layer on the surface of your vehicle and keeps the paint job's gorgeous appearance.

Benefits Of Our Exterior detailing services:

If you live in the Bronx, New York, you want to arrange our car detailing service. Schedule your appointment online, and we will come to you to detail your vehicle and return the keys. We can detail the inside and outside of your automobile, whether you only need a single service or a comprehensive package. We offer full detailing services such as bacteria elimination, virus, and germ disinfection, high-pressure wash, detailing of tires, wax protection, and so on. 


Our cost of exterior car detailing can vary, depending on various aspects, including the state of the automobile, the size of the vehicle, the time spent cleaning the car and even the detailer's level of competence.

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