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Car Interior Detailing And Cleaning Services In Bronx, NY

Most car owners are solely concerned with how their automobile seems from the outside, such as its superb paintwork, fun finish, and washing from the outside to get a shine. However, they overlook the interior car cleaning and maintenance, which is just as essential as the external cleaning of the car. Vehicles must be cleaned and maintained regularly and timely. The car is a big investment that must require extra care and maintenance. Keeping the exterior of your car clean is just as vital, and having a clean inside is a crucial part of preventive care.

Importance of a Car interior detailing service 

➧ If you intend to sell your car in the future, keeping the interior clean is one way to ensure its value does not deteriorate. So, take care of your vehicle and keep it inside in good condition.


➧ Everyone spends a lot of time in their cars and gets dirty, especially if they have children in the car! Interior vehicle detailing is an essential step. It will eliminate dirt stains. We also apply proper cleaning and maintenance chemicals to the surface of your vehicle to prevent them from forming.


➧ Consider all the bacteria that are probably present in your automobile right now, and then think how frequently you touch the filthy interior of your car. If you don't clean your automobile correctly from the inside, in this case, your safety could be at risk.

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Our Interior Car Detailing service includes:

Interior detailing is a much more time-consuming and complicated process. Our interior detailing process involves cleaning, vacuuming, shampooing and so on. Let us go through and explain them one by one.

➣ FREE virus, bacteria, and germs disinfecting:  Firstly we sanitize your car, by using one of the most effective methods we apply disinfectant that will both kill germs and clean your car surfaces.  


➣Deep Clean Vacuum: A vacuum cleaner cleans the entire car, removing dust particles from even the most confined locations. The AC vents are also cleaned.

➣ Rug, Mats, & Seats Shampoo: The car's upholstery, matting, and so on are thoroughly cleaned by shampoo and scrubbed. The leather covers are cleaned with a leather cleanser and polished for a better appearance and to prevent stains and damage.


➣ Cleaning of Glasses: The glasses are cleaned with a glass cleaner to ensure that they are squeaky clean, do not obstruct the driver's view, and make the automobile look shining and clean.

➣ Door panel Shampoo: After that, we shampoo all the doors and thoroughly remove any dust and microscopic particles.


➣ Window & Door Jam Cleaning: A vehicle's window door jam is the spot where the door attaches to the body of the vehicle. We can remove it with the assistance of our door jamb removal experts.   


➣ Vent Cleaning & steaming: Steam vapour often contains as little as 5% moisture. This ensures that water-sensitive surfaces remain dry while being thoroughly cleaned. Because steam vapour is created at such a high temperature, it also sanitises its surfaces, removing smells and microorganisms.


➣ Interior Shine & UV Sunray Protection: Interior products that offer UV protection, because the polymers in a car are more harmed by heat than by light entering it. As a result, we offer you our interior shine and UV sunray protection services.

Who We Are?

We at Bronx Window Tints and Auto Detail company provide complete exterior and interior car detail services. Our customised auto detailing service includes a complete range of car wash services. We are a customer-oriented company that puts customer needs before profit. We are known throughout New York for our prompt and timely service. Our workplace is located near shopping centres and Food Corp. 

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