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PPF/Clear Bra Paint Protection

           We use the best 3M brand

Best Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra In The Bronx, New York

The paint protection film is practically invisible, has self-healing properties to keep swirls away, and includes a ten-year warranty 3M Film.

PPF/Clear Bra Paint Protection


Designed to protect your vehicle's paint and other at-risk surfaces of the automobile from various road hazards like stone chips, scratches, road tar, bug damage, stains, and automotive fluid stains. Additionally, it protects against harsh outdoor weather including ultraviolet radiation, snow, salt and rust.


  • Your vehicle(s) will stay looking newer, longer because it helps to prevent wear and tear from everyday road interactions like rocks, bugs, sand, keys, salt, snow and the elements

  • Due to its clarity this virtually invisible film helps maintain the color and brilliance of the vehicle paint while offering UV protection

  • Industry-leading paint protection against rock chips when compared to other competitors

  • 10-year warranty

  • Durable ceramic coated film and easy to maintain

  • With its self-healing technology, minor scratches or marks are erased with heat applied to the film surface

As per your request, you may choose to apply paint protection film to the whole car or areas that are more vulnerable to wear and tear on the road, we have the right clear bra coverage options to suit your needs at a variety of price points.

Partial coverage

  • Partial front hood and fenders

  • Front bumper

  • Side mirrors

  • Ceramic Coating(Windshield Only)

  • Cost: $$

Full front coverage

  • Full hood and full fenders

  • Front bumper

  • Side mirrors

  • Headlights

  • Ceramic Coating(Front Windshield Only)

  • Cost:$$$

Full vehicle coverage

  • Covers every painted surface of the vehicle

  • Ceramic Coating all Glass

  • Cost: $$$$

We have Clients with current 3M Paint Protection Film, That have had incidents of some minor scratches with paint left over on the film. I was able to rub off all of them and the self-heal left it without a scar.

Your car is now protected so your film can go the distance.

3M™ Paint Protection Film 10 year Warranty


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